Restoration Projects

The general difference with a restoration is it usually involves ‘classic’ older style boats and often requires structural work. This could include replacing planking on the hull, rebuilding superstructures and anything in between.

When it comes to interiors, a restoration can really take on its name and differentiate from a typical re-fit.

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Classic Restorations

Replacing older, classic fittings with like-for-like can be extremely challenging as it’s never as easy as just nipping down to your local Chandlery store. The search for the perfect piece can take you far and wide, and even then some items may no longer be available. This is when some extra creativity comes in, as these parts need to be custom-replicated with immense skill, utilising great knowledge and uncompromising attention to detail.

Restoring older boats to their former glory is, by its very nature, uniquely challenging.  Projects be very time-consuming and costly, but the rewards are there at the end for all to admire and ultimately enjoy for many years to come.

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